Pastor Sam here. Most everyone in so-called evangelical circles will say that revival “meeting” and God-sent revival are very clearly not one and the same. Or, so I think is the case. But a pastor does wonder what motivates born again church members to do as the author of Hebrews 10:24-25 says NOT to do. Know what those verses say? How about opening your Bible and reading?
ONE of the signs that Jesus indicated to be a signal for His Second Coming was Church
apostasy, a falling away. Just when WILL the Church fall away? I think I am not alone in believing that CHURCH apostasy IS not A FUTURE event, but it truly began many centuries ago! Are the ever increasing numbers of denominations REALLY God’s plan? Who is the god of confusion? Not a Holy God! But mass confusion. I fear. is what a lost and dying world MOST often sees in the church world! Clearly Christ did NOT already come in the Rapture or for the End of Days as our spiritual forefathers deeply believed HE might at any time! Perhaps there are many of our Christian “ancestors” whose lives DID indicate they took Jesus’ prophecy of coming “as a thief in the night” more literally AND seriously than the current generation of believers! Just my musings, but also my conviction to cry out to the Lord for REAL GOD-SENT, REVIVAL AND CHRISTIAN QUICKENING—– OR ELSE for HYPOCRITE-REVEALING, SIN-PURGING REVIVAL FIRE! It is high time we live up to our calling, if, in fact, we ARE the called out…the “ekklesia” or the LIVING CHURCH that glorifies God and God alone!!!