I am excited!  August 17th through August 21st, unless the Spirit falls so powerfully that Evangelist Joe needs to stay over!  About WHAT am I ranting?  On August 16th, Lord willing, Valley Church, Pastor Tom Metz, will be hosting a Gospel Music gathering at their facility on Center Road in  Saginaw Township.  Emmanuel’s frequent guest and dear friend, world evangelist / missionary, Brother Joe Veal will be preaching at that event, in hopes of winning many souls to Christ.  Beginning the very next day, August 18th-21st…the Bay Area Baptist Association’s Good News  Crusade will begin in Midland, with the exact location TBD. (Likely, either Emmanuel or the larger capacity, Sunrise Worship Center.)

                Just in case you are unaware,

You Turn/Joe Veal Ministries has reached 100’s of thousands of souls for Christ and has discipled, trained, and tangibly blessed those folks.  They don’t just “love ’em and leave em.”  Better than a shoebox to a child once a year, Brother Joe’s ministries have built orphanages, indigenous ministry and pastor training centers, agricultural enterprises, and they have recently begun drilling fresh water wells in some of the poorest third world nations on earth.  CHURCH, let us pray, and let us put up or shut up!  The GLORY and the NAME of our Savior is at stake!