Pastor Sam here. Most everyone in so-called evangelical circles will say that revival “meeting” and God-sent revival are very clearly not one and the same. Or, so I think is the case. But a pastor does wonder what motivates born again church members to do as the author of Hebrews 10:24-25 says NOT to do. … Read more

The Days of Noah by Sam Hamilton

Jesus said that in the end times, the world situation would be like it was in the time of Noah.  In short,  except for Noah and his immediate family, there was TOTAL disregard of God’s warning about the flood.  Is the Heavenly Father preparing for the climax of the world’s existence, of time itself?  Has He deliberately … Read more

From the Overflow

Good Wednesday Afternoon, August, 23, 2017 Statistics indicate that the third most common cause for people consulting their family doctor is depression.  And chances are pretty good, I will venture to say, that you know someone, perhaps a close relative or friend,….or perhaps even you yourself  that  is suffering from this terrible affliction. I hope … Read more