Pandemic and Emmanuel

Today is Sunday, March 22nd, and is the second Sunday of NOT meeting. The deacon and I, after prayerfully considering the threat posed by COVID-19, and with increasing local and state shutdowns: We are announcing that we will continue to NOT congregate until further notice.

Love, prayer, sharing the Gospel, nor our God, are  put on hold by this POSSIBLE entry into the Great Tribualtion foretold by Christ. Perhaps it is just another flu outbreak. But I, for one, am looking for My King’s return tonight! Let’s use our hearts AND the brains God gave us!!! Feel free to call me, text me, or e-mail me. But don’t bother tweeting, texting, ad nauseum. I have earned my 69 year old aversion to an excess of technology. And, in fact, I will be amazed if this note manages to make  it onto our web page.