Love is the theme

In my opinion, the most vital Bible passage for  this moment is Paul’s 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13.  Love is the password, the “pin” to Heaven.  Love is that which “constrained” the Apostle to burn the candle at both ends, all the way to his execution, which is believed to have been by decapitation in Rome.  … Read moreLove is the theme


I am excited!  August 17th through August 21st, unless the Spirit falls so powerfully that Evangelist Joe needs to stay over!  About WHAT am I ranting?  On August 16th, Lord willing, Valley Church, Pastor Tom Metz, will be hosting a Gospel Music gathering at their facility on Center Road in  Saginaw Township.  Emmanuel’s frequent guest … Read moreExcited!

A Beautiful Day by Pastor Sam (Saturday, September 2, 2017)

Don’t you wish we could lock today’s weather in and hit “play” until maybe May 1, 2018?  I heard that.  Some  of you love the snow and ice.  I don’t remember the country-western singer —Ray Stevens?—but the lyrics ring true that say..”everything is beautiful in its own way..”  In Genesis, God declared….”it is good” at … Read moreA Beautiful Day by Pastor Sam (Saturday, September 2, 2017)