God is Good!

It is certainly not original with Emmanuel, and it was regularly enjoined by the membership long before I began my brief tenure as pastor in 2003. The “it” is “God is good ALL the time, and ALL the time God is good.” Events all throughout history have led many to be either atheistic, sure there is no God, no Creator; or agnostic. The latter would NEVER agree with the above phrase that many congregations repeat together on occasion. I am not to be numbered with either group, although I DO understand that it is hard sometimes to understand much of what the human race…each individual endures. The fifty cent word I learned in seminary is “Theodicy.” Definition: The vindication of Divine goodness and providence in view of the existence of evil.

Sometimes we feel like no age of man in general, and no other soul specifically, ever had things so bad. For many, and especially America’s youth, the horrible conflict in this American nation ….the Civil War in ancient history or given less than a little thought. But in the span of human history, that bloody and hateful time was not that long ago.

I believe in God the Father, God the Son…our Savior, Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit who enters into and interacts with whomever desires. But to BE a true believer and useful to God, we MUST realize that the same supernatural being who tried to destroy the plan of the redemption of the world, who hated the Son of Man..the perfect one….Satan is STILL, as Jesus assured, the god of this world. Man ceded dominion to him and his minions and in spite of pervasive human religiosity, mankind is more in need of deliverance from that evil, in my opinion than ever.

Be blessed. Please consider checking out our Bible study for all ages at 9:45 A.M. Every Sunday, with Worship following.

Pastor Sam Hamilton