A Pastor’s Heart Meditations

Many are teaching and preaching from, and speculating about the last book in the Protestant cannon of Scripture.  However, I find a powerful message in the penultimate book, Jude: And in particular, Jude 20-21.  (This is not to diminish Revelation. :>) )

            I fear many in the ever expanding number of congregations in the world view Christianity as a static thing, a part of their world view, or their passing thoughts.  Christianity is Jesus.  He is NOT static, a “thing” to be parsed, debated, and filed away  among other pieces of church folks’ lives.  He is our Lord of ALL, or not Lord AT ALL.  We can call ourselves whatever we want, and frankly, we can do,  and indeed, we DO whatever we want.  God is OK with that. But I doubt He is pleased.  Maybe it doesn’t matter if we write our own rules. It seems to me, that this is what humanity, as a whole,  has always been prone to do. 

            Jude, the half brother of James the Just, and  a servant of Jesus, did not think it wise to choose our own rules, nor dictate to Jesus our course.  Some perhaps, will agree with Jude and me, as you read Jude 20-21.  In fact, the whole letter needs no chapter heading, as it is a mere twenty-five verses long.  I recommend we read the whole letter, and maybe often.

            As the HOUR of the JUDGE approaches, I advise that we check our foundation, our relationship to Christ.  Could be some of us  are the tail wagging the dog, rather than Christ truly being our MASTER.


Be blessed..Be humble,

Pastor Sam