From the Pastor

“Our God is an AWESOME GOD, He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love, Our God is an awesome God!”  Great truth is given in this “oldie but goodie” praise and worship song!

It sometimes rains down trials and challenges in this life.  Those of you who receive e-mails have noticed one after another, after another prayer request from me.  It seems at times like there is NO relief in sight for this weary world in which we live.  But the Great Good News is that we don‘t walk by sight.

We walk by faith, and NOT by sight! Read 1 John 5:4.   Faith says, “I can make it,” when human logic and  brain power say, “there is no way we can make it.” Let us keep our constant focus on our King as He walks and talks and loves a world to Himself through us!  See you in the Lord’s House or out and about!


Pastor  Sam