Love is the theme

In my opinion, the most vital Bible passage for  this moment is Paul’s 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13.  Love is the password, the “pin” to Heaven. 

Love is that which “constrained” the Apostle to burn the candle at both ends, all the way to his execution, which is believed to have been by decapitation in Rome.  The “LOVE” chapter in essence defines what love IS and what love ISN’T.   When I think  of the words of the Master Himself, recorded in Matthew 24:12, I believe God’s Word, written centuries ago, is spot on! 

Jesus, describing today, I.M.O.,  says that because of the great increase in the sin of humanity, the “love of many will grow cold.”   Bingo!  What the world needs now, in the words of an old pop song,…is LOVE..SWEET LOVE!  God’s “agape” love…available by His grace. 

Love to all of you!
Pastor Sam