What Christ Needs From Us Is…

God is far more concerned with who We ARE than with what we DO.

When we discover who we were created to BE in Christ, what we DO will be pleasing and we will be naturally doing the will of God. This principle is so simple, that most folks stumble over it.  Jesus said that unless we become as a child, we will never enter the Kingdom. God has to start totally over with us. We don’t get it.  We believe in Him, but on this point we do not BELIEVE Him.

Humanity trying to imitate Christ is a disaster that has caused the lost to turn away from their only hope of salvation. I have been told by a dear friend that I have a “death wish.”  True…I have been hoping to die to myself ever since I read the words of Jesus!  A kernel of grain must die before abundant life springs up! God doesn’t need our intelligence or our talent.

He doesn’t need our ability, but He does need our AVAILability! A dead man is no longer tempted to sin. A spirit filled man both pleases God
and is what God intends for him to be. And one day, ONLY such people Will be made just like Jesus.

Pastor Sam