I know four JC’s and I love them all.

When we lived in Plantersville, MS, before believing the Lord was leading us to Midland, I absolutely loved when Herbert and JC invited me to go fishing with them.  We would drive to the Tombigbee Waterway, put Herbert’s big pontoon boat in the water and head out, armed with our fish catching “drones.”  Well, not really drones.  They were plastic one quart oil bottles.  Each was equipped with two lengths of line with treble hooks, baited usually with raw rooster livers. One line was maybe five feet long and the other maybe three feet long.  We  would throw these “drones” out of the boat, taking maybe five minutes to finish tossing ten to twenty of them as we slowly glided along.  Then, we would head to a different part of the huge stream and start fishing the “normal” way, with rod and reel.  NEVER did we three men catch as many big old catfish as those oil bottles.  And talk about exciting!  When it was time to head for shore, we would go collect our bottles.  To see one bobbing up and down made our day.  And did those guys ever know how to fry up some catfish and the essential hush puppies!

People who know Jesus, REALLY know Him, can never be satisfied with enough fishing.  Except, as He said, “follow me, and I will make you‘fishers of men.'”

 I have not caught a single minnow since moving to Midland, but I wake up every day…HOPING to honor and glorify Jesus….by catching some people.  An old, maybe corny saying, attributed to the feeling of our Lord:

“You catch ’em, and I’ll l clean ’em.”

 CHURCH, are we gonna fish, or cut bait…and each other?

Pastor Sam