I believe the Holy Spirit desires for the BODY of CHRIST worldwide to give serious consideration to the  Savior’s role as Prophet….the ultimate prophet.  He is indeed Prophet, High Priest, and King, to be sure. Many look to the glorious future of His return to restore God’s Kingdom and finally vanquish evil.  However, I believe there is an apathy, a lack of the same urgency that compelled the Apostles and the Early Church for a few years. Their unity and obedience to Jesus, enabled them to see the most amazing ingathering of lost souls that has never been even remotely matched. 

Various opinions have existed about Messiah’s prophecy concerning APOSTASY…the falling away of His actual BODY.  Fingers have been pointed at the Roman Catholic organization as being the “falling away.”  Different Protestant denominations point at each other as being apostate. And, as with the “wars and rumors of wars” and the “various pestilences..earthquakes, etc.”, Jesus’ prophecy of apostasy are usually regarded as future events…maybe decades or centuries into the future.  Personally, I believe Christ’s return as a “thief in the night” could have been ANY time after His ascension back into Heaven.  Because, as recorded in 1 Corinthians, the seeds of apostasy already EXISTED!  Apostle Paul’s warnings against division and his pleadings for unity were ignored.  And disunity went from bad to worse. 

God, Scripture says, is not the author of confusion.  I contend that today’s BODY is arguably more splintered and confusing to the lost world than ever in history.  The APOSTASY which Jesus predicted as the ultimate signal of His return is going to happen some day, some believe.  It BEGAN and continues nearly 20 centuries ago. IMO When a family divorces each other, it ceases to be functional.  Our world is divided.  Who will argue that point?  Many things can be blamed.  But to whom was the instruction given to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, STAY UNITED and WIN THE WORLD?

Be ready saints..He might return today.  I pray so.  Only HE saves.  Only HE can fix the mess. Let us unite and plead for the FIXER to return as He taught in the model prayer!

Pastor Sam