July 27, 2020


To the wonderful and lovely pastor’s wife, Laurie, on staying married to me, the pastor, for 46 years today!

Laurie and I, Lord willing, are looking to October and another anniversary, should Jesus tarry: our 17th anniversary of attempting to be “shepherds” of our beloved Emmanuel flock.  We have learned much, been loved much, suffered a little, and cannot begin to count all the blessings that this amazing congregation have been and bestowed upon us.  God’s BODY will never die….nor will Emmanuel refuse to fellowship, love and worship.  COVID-19 has indeed pushed us out of our building since March 7th,  But we have found GREAT JOY in “cargregating” in our parking lot.  Each Sunday, the faithful pull into our east parking lot (smaller one) around 10:00 A.M.  They  tune into FM 101.3 on their car radios, and/or…just open their windows and join together outside  in  “God’s cathedral” praise and worship!  We are loving it..and we have even grown in number a bit, as we count car noses.  So….WILL we ever reenter our big old building again?  God and the plague will tell us if and when.  In the mean time, Emmanuel Baptist at 502 Cherry Street is alive, grateful, loving, and worshiping!  We were never MEANT to be fenced in!!  (Read you Bible!  : > )  ) You are welcome to drive over and join us!