Getting a Bit More Up to Date

I, Pastor Sam, am NOT an editor nor the son of an editor!  But hopefully, I can do a little semi-literate update to the effect that the Emmanuel Congregation HAS been worshipping INSIDE the church house as of October 4th.  Lord willing, this will continue.  Also, while I have not been able to figure out how to delete the old info which announces that 10:00 A.M. is our worship hour.  (It WAS when we were gathering in cars only during the hot summer months.)  I will keep trying to update our site,  while still having reached out to my computer website genius friend!  In the meantime, I am also attempting to add another link from a group called help….for folks battling substance abuse.  Here is their address:

Please feel free to phone the church office:  989-631-3369 and I will listen to your prayer need or message and attempt to return your call ASAP.  Thanks!  Merry, Jesus-filled Christmas!

In Christ,   Pastor Sam Hamilton