Pandemic and Emmanuel

Greetings!  A sweet lady called the office at our building today and left a very sweet message.  I want to apologize to her and others who, like her, drew some very erroneous conclusions because of our very dated info on this webpage.

A.  Emmanuel has NEVER been a Versiti Blood Donation Center.  We have hosted three blood drives….the first, 2018, was VERY successful with much blood donated.  The second, a year later…successful…but way less donors came.  This year’s, February of 2020 was a flop!  This was, of course, into the early stages of the plague.  And yes, sweet phone caller of earlier today, I agree witih you that blood is still accepted at the Dow Diamond blood donation office.  (Although I am perpetutally rejected due to my iron being too low!  : > (

B.  The sweet caller today ALSO commented in her message, that we no longer accept bedding or clothing donations.  While Open Door HAS accepted our invitation to freely store and hold their CLOTHING distributions in our facility, Emmanuel NEVER has been a clothing donation site (EXCEPT by very rare appointments with the Open Door.) …and definitely, Emmanuel Baptist has never been a site for bedding donations.  I might be wrong, but I do not believe that Open Door, Goodwill, SA, or any agency ever accepts used bedding for obvious sanitary and disease reasons.  Again, I am sorry our website has not been maintained regularly. I take responsibility for that.  It is not my area of expertise or interest, but I will attempt to do better.  Thank you!