Please contact Open Door Ministries regarding their clothing giveaways as we all cope with the pandemic. Emmanuel does not operate that ministry in any way escept that we continue to offer free space to them in out facility. You can reach them at 989-835-2291

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July 27, 2020

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, AND THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! To the wonderful and lovely pastor’s wife, Laurie, on staying married to me, the pastor, for 46 years today! Laurie and I, Lord willing, are looking to October and another anniversary, should Jesus tarry: our 17th anniversary of attempting to be “shepherds” of our beloved Emmanuel flock.  … Read moreJuly 27, 2020

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Here is some ministerial musing, printed rabbit chasing. Up front, I will apologize for not giving chapter and verse, but invite you to look my thought up in Scripture, should you choose.  And I welcome you to e-mail me with questions or rebuttal at For well over fifty years I have pondered the Words … Read moreIdentity